Pattern made from single letterform, based on handwriting of subjects who were taught to write in different countries
Pattern made from single handwritten alphabet - 'wearing your handwriting'
Condensing text into a symbol, monogram stamp - my initials AVM, within a single cell
Looking at the way scars map the life of the person they belong to.
Tattooing around scars as a way of labelling them, commemorating.
Getting a loved one's handwriting tattooed, the significance of which part of their writing you choose
Folding booklet pulling together separate aspects of one individual's handwritten alphabet
Using scanned in version of my handwritten letters to create a font, that can be used to change the way important signage/documents are viewed or received.
Travel Poster series - in response to 6 minimum A2 Poster brief - linking memory and food with location
Promotional Material - bookmark business cards (height joke)
'Manifesto' video response
'Manifesto' poster response
'Leaving your mark' flow of storytelling, foldable booklet
'Radio Response'
Illustration of group performance depicting a word with movement
'Library Book Response' - given a reference number for a library book, then instructed to make a video response to said book
'Me By Numbers' 
Using numbers only - show the way in which you see the world. A study in chaos. 
'Page to Screen' - early stop motion trials, taken from a book called The Fascination of Marquetry
'Earth For Sale' A1 Poster
'Picture Sound' - pairing visuals to someone else's audio clip
50 Photos - 50 Prompts
Film Photography
'Opening Scene' - given a script and prompts to film a video response as a group 
Typeface built off of given word - 'introvert'
'Southville' - sent to a location on a map and given the colour blue
'5 Hour Response' - sent to a location and asked to observe/sketch/record fro 5 hours and create response (square in university area)
'Create an alphabet prompt booklet with a theme'
Shadow Puppet performance - set to a theme from the news
Drawing Mechanism - uncontrolled mark-making
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